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 The Newest Tool: DataBox
 The web reporter that allows you to access the data from any application and report it in the most easy and friendly way.

Web Report Solution

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The CorpoBox Suite

 The deepest, most completed and integrated set of tools for your business: 
SalesBox, CentralBox and CashBox

Corpobox products

The wholesale web application that covers every one of your operation, from the purchase orders to the delivery of the merchindise. The perfect tool for distribution!

Web Wholesale Solution

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The Point of Sales, controlling the retail operation in a new way, allowing you to maximize the productivity and profit of your store, reducing the training cost to almost zero.


Point of Sales

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The perfect web application to centralize and control all the Point of Sales

Web P.O.S. Controller

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...and what we doLet us show you who we are ...

Based on the most recent and cutting-edge technology, we have developed a set of integrated applications to cover your commercial needs. Our target is always the "final user" and that is why we have simplified the operations in order to be able to offer the best possible performance. We have products for the retail and wholesale, and you can control your business from every single corner of the world. No blind sides!

Our systems are low maintenance and do not require much training, thereby increasing productivity to new levels. We rely on the latest technologies, which makes our products scalable, flexibles, productive and optimal.

For us, if the solution is not simple and efficient is not acceptable. We truly believe that the systems were made to improve your business, not to create new barriers. That is why we always based our products in the latest technologies and "best practices".

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